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Luxury Shoe Cleaning kit

Luxury Shoe Cleaning kit

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Elevate your trainer care to a new level of luxury. Featuring the finest ingredients and expertly crafted tools

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- Complete cleaning kit -
- Designed for Luxury materials -
- Cleans up to 50 pairs -

1x 150ml Natural cleaning gel
1x Luxury material brush
1x Microfibre cloth
1x Storage case

Trainers - Sandals - Boots - Heels
From a touch up to a deep clean, use on all types of footwear


How to apply

1 - Brush off loose dirt or dust.
2 - Apply a small amount of Gel to a wet brush.
3 - Carefully scrub shoe creating a lather.
4 - Wipe clean with microfibre and allow to dry.
Full Directions on case + Suede material tips.


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Extend the life of luxury clothing

90% of clothing is thrown away long before it needs to be, often because over-washing has caused irreparable colour fading, shrinkage and misshaping. Using Ria Elements between washes not only refreshes and decreases it reduces the need to over wash and the damage it causes.