Keep your luxury garments like new

Clothing is often washed before it's actually needed, this over cleaning causes unnecessary damage.

Using Ria Elements between washes not only refreshes and decreases, but it will prolong the life of a garment by reducing the need to over-wash and the damage it causes.

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Sustainable on the details

Ria Elements comes in a specialised ECO can which is POWERED BY AIR. No flammable
harmful gases are used.

Natural water-based formula is 99% biodegradable.

Fully recyclable aluminium container.

Produced locally in the UK minimising transit emissions.

Amazing spray, It works so well, I've pretty much started using it every time I get changed.

Nick. J

Love the scent of the fragrance for Fabric. I like that its eco friendly too.


I can't believe well it gets creases out. I'm going to take it away on holiday. It will be a game changer.

Robert. T


How long does the fragrance last?

Ria Elements has a time release fragrance that gradually reduces over a couple of days. Spray and wear for instant full fragrance or spray and place in your wardrobe for reduced light fragrance

How long will a bottle last

30 pieces of clothing can be fully rejuvenated and decreased with a single can.

It will last longer if giving a garments a quick refresh.

How does it reduce odours?

It doesn’t just cover smells, it includes an odour eliminating agent which binds to the odour molecule
separating them from clothing.

How does it remove creases?

Creases are formed by the hydrogen bonds that hold clothing fabric together cooling or drying in place.
Ria element softens these hydrogen bonds so creases simply drop out of the clothing.

Where can I buy in store?

Available at all FLANNELS Stores.

Can I find out more details?

Find out more on our social @ria_elements